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                            DOG  TRAINING
                Obedience, Behavioral Issues
               chewing, biting, jumping, digging 
                    call Kevin (916) 802-2736
     The mission at ForrestGlenn Kennels is to offer education, in the care and training of your Dog. We believe that training is as important for the well being of the Dog as feeding and grooming is to the Dog.
     Each Dog is individually evaluated, then a training program is given to meet its' individual need.
     To train a Dog is to offer more freedom to your Dog. Training makes the Dog more obedient in the home, as well as, in the community. Helping them interact with your family and friends. Training makes a happier Dog and Owner!
     Education is the best and fastest way to stop the flow of Dogs going into the shelters. At ForrestGlenn Kennels, our goal is to help people learn how to keep their Dogs at home with a little training.
     At ForrestGlenn Kennels we say, "All Dogs can benefit from some training and some training can benefit all Dogs.
     At ForrestGlenn Kennels, WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!