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How Kevin started out

    Dog Training has been Kevin's passion for 27 years. 
     It all started when he brought home a Great Dane puppy to live in a single wide Mobile Home.  He set out to make sure the fast growing dog was trained.  Kevin and Tara trained using what the dog really wanted as a reward.  The training really paid off.  
     There has been many Dogs throughout his life, but the one thing that has been constant is the Training of the Dogs.  
     Kevin decided that the love of the Dogs and the Fun of Dog Training was what he wanted to do on a full time basis.  So he searched around and found Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers.
     Kevin has been training professionally for 11 years now. He is a Certified Canine Behavioral Specialist.  It is his Passion and Joy!  He has trained dogs to do service work, agility, obedience, conformation, search and rescue, and protection work.  His real passion though is still with the Family Dog.  
     Kevin's main focus is pet obedience.  Working with pets and their owners to make the dogs a joy to be around.  
     Education is the best and fastest way to stop the flow of dogs going to the shelters.  Kevin's goal is to help  people learn how to keep dogs at home with a little training.

                           DOG  TRAINING

            Beginning to Advance Obedience &Rally
                  Stop Barking, Chewing, Jumping

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