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Traing Programs

We train All Breeds, All Ages

​​Here at FORRESTGLENN Kennels, we work with all types of dogs, wither we work with puppies or adult dogs you want us to train, you will get outstanding results. For more information about our services and how we can help please contact us. Our services include but not limited to the following: Pet Obedience, and Therapy work, CGC, Start Right puppy training, Beginning to Advance dog Training, . We help eliminate bad habits; barking, digging, chewing, house breaking, leash pulling, and other behaviuors.  We work on installing good habits/behaviors in your dog.

 Puppy Imprinting: (4/one-hour lessons). Lessons are to teach name recognition, sit, come, house training, leash walking, no jumping, no mouthing, crate or place training.​

Quick Start :: (4/one-hour lessons). Sit, come, down, place or crate train, loose leash, walking, leave it. PLus.

Basic Obedience : (6/one-hour lessons) Basic training. Lessons are; sit, down, come, leash walking, leave it, drop it, get it or fwetch, jumping, mouthing, and crate or place training.

Step Up to Obedience: (8/one-hour lessons)  Covering all basic obedience skillsSpecific to client needs. Active client participation.

Trainer Training : (6/one-hour lessons) All basic obedience skills. Train to specific client needs. Working in public. Helping dog socialize. Light owner participation.

Specialized Training: (per session) Specific Sport Dog Training. Show participation training. Service and Therapy dog training. Behavior MOdification Training. Etc.

        With the right Dog Treaining Method, any dog can be Transformed quickly and easily.

                                   Sooner you start, sooner you get results!

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